UTEX 2-in-1 Kids Multi Activity (Lego) Table and 2 Chairs Set with Storage Assembly (2023)


In this video, Kevin assembles the UTEX 2-in-1 Kids Multi Activity (Lego) Table and 2 Chairs Set with Storage (Espresso with Gray Drawer). *The company does not call it a Lego table, but that is what it is. amzn.to/2IMlo9H

From Amazon:
Set includes one table, two chairs and convenient under-the-table storage shelf.
Ideal place to sit, read, draw, or create.
Turn over the top piece to convert the table from an activity table to a regular table
Construction panels offer a sturdy place to build with most major blocks (blocks are not included)
Two storage drawers provide convenient built-in storage areas
Espresso finish lends an elegant look to your décor
This durable table with wooden legs can handle vigorous play.
Provides ample room to play with a friend.
Keep the playtime off the floor and close to eye level.
Ideal for your toddler’s bedroom, playroom, or the living room.
Item Weight 34.8 pounds
Package Dimensions 30.6 x 29.1 x 5.2 inches
Item model number SS18-UTX008S2

Music Credit: “Drone in D" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0

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So in this video Kevin is going to be assembling this.

You Tex two-in-one activity table and chair set or my Vanna.

What this is is it doesn't say what it is it's a Lego table.

It says activity table, but it's Lego.

It is you can get it in.

Yeah, they can't say, like, oh, but I.

Can you can get it in white or espresso? We bought the espresso because round, yes, Thursday, yeah, there's.

Some little drawers under here, some like pouches or I, don't know what you want to call them to hold the Legos.

And yet you can get they have like a bright red, and then they have grey.

So it doesn't matter where they put it whether they want to put in a, you know in the living room, his bedroom, whatever I, don't.

Think it will look bad.

Yeah, yeah.

See that's the gray that's, the color grey that.

So those are really nice, but Gavin Gavin he's taken after Andrew.

And he loves playing with Lego.

So we looked around for a table.

And this one, you can't find big Lego tables.

And we had actually thought about making our own like buying a used table from the renovation place.

And so what it's called a renovation something something like that? Anyway, we had thought about buying a table and then bond, those like flat, green pieces and gluing them on there and it's like now let's just do this let's get this and is this the one that the top flips over okay.

So we can be a solid table, or it can be a Lego table, and you would never know that you could use it for Lego I'm, hoping that Christina will just leave it.

I mean, if she can do what she wants, but I'm thinking of Gavin wants to build something on it.

He could just leave it on there.

See it's, good, oh, yeah, that's nice and see that's what they did Thanks I think.

So they put four of those green mites that I was talking about.

Yeah, well, it it's always good to read the reviews on Amazon.

And we read the reviews and people said that they were most concerned it did will it fit like a regular-sized Lego because they're the company's not allowed to call it a lego table.

So you want to know how big it is.

And you want to know will it really fit Lego.

And someone had posted a picture on there of their eight-year-old setting it's this table worried about.

Yeah, the size is it gonna be really small and and Gavin's gonna be six years old, but even if he gets to be fifteen, and he doesn't want to use the chairs anymore.

He still doesn't have to use the chairs, but he can always use the table.

He gets it on his bottom on the floor or whatever.

But we decided that we were going to I was going to wrap this up for his birthday with a wrapping paper.

But then we thought we didn't want to do that, because first of all, it gives Andrew a job to do.

Secondly, Gavin doesn't get the present right away.

You know, and you don't know when a ters gonna have time to put it together.

And so we are giving him some Lego kits for for his birthday to go with the table, it's kind of like a theme.

And so we wanted him to be able to play with it immediately if he wanted to.

And this is something since you know, it's, he and his sister, his sister's, three she'll, be four in December.

They can both play with this.

You know, so I think it'll be nice for both of them.

So this is going to be like any of the assembly videos that we've done I'm, just gonna show Kevin's gonna talk you through it or whatever how he does it.

He is really good at reading the directions.

And if he messes up on something he'll, go back and Hillary redo it, you know, that's how he is, he won't leave it so you'll get to see I'll probably speed, some of it up put music behind some of it if I can.

But this is, these are the things that you get with it they're, labeled, yell, let's, open them up.

So I'll have cereal they're all numbered.

And then the directions give you the diagram it's, how to put it together - okay, got everything laid out.

Finally I had to get the styrofoam log with a few pieces, but not too bad.

So the first thing you're going to do is you have to start out with these little like door, actually, we're going to start out with us.

Two of these little poles do all four two of Part F.

So you got I think these are ji, ya, ji, ya and basically you're gonna stick these in this hole right here, just like that let's go out.

Yes, this let's go out.

And you've got number four screws, the bag number form.

What do you mean slot little see this that doesn't have a slot this one does yes, what's on the outside.

And this only fits in that one hole.

Anyway, okay, when the rustic us and Laura was just dining out you're gonna have to hold the pull.

The might go better with a smaller screwdriver.

So you don't want to use your electric screwdriver tends to over tighten things cuz, they're just it's, just then would you know? So you don't want to put that electric strimmer, I mean, you could, but I'm always afraid it's gonna strip out the wood right? And then once you've done that it's useless right so I'm going to do this for the next two now we're going to take one of these and open it up and get these little gray pieces, they're kind of cardboard on there just cardboard on one time, two gray on the other side.

These are a special made.

So if something happens to them I got what says they go on top and I'm, basically going to take her now you're.

One of these put it on top let's prove them points in Kerala, the round side towards me, it's, what I'm showing so because there's a rounded off and this isn't square and I'm, assuming this the other square one's gonna go next the other one I think so we'll see I'm, pretty sure those I.

Guess these slide in and out like this.

Okay, that make sense.

So this one is gonna go this one's gonna go like this and the round sides gonna go out in front you.

These are going to sit just like that, and you want the flat sides to be together.

So the end pieces will be out towards the outside.

So any to this big piece right here, and they are just gonna no doing them.

They're just they're gonna they're gonna go right here.

But for right now they just, yeah.

So that's just gonna go to that.

But the next thing I'm going to do is we're gonna do the top.

So you've got two legs.

You've got two DS, two DS.

And you've got two seeds and I have no clue.

What the difference is.

They look exactly the same a Vincent you're, looking at them.

They don't look any different to me, literally so up, uh, C to the C's have two holes there, which I bet are gonna hold this thing right here.

Aha, okay.

So the C's, what you're gonna do first of all the only thing I did between that.

And this was I took bolt one number one and stuck the washers, which is bag.

Number two I'd have stuck the washers on all of them and us dump these dowel pins, which are bag number five and the only four of them right now, but I just dumped them all out.

So what you're gonna do is put the dowel pins on I'm gonna start with the seat.

Sorry, start on the seat.

It's going all right here.

We're just go blue.

It push that right in there.

And then I want to put this and it's got two holes over on this side and it's got the two screw the bolts, and it bolts into so I'm just going to lay this on there.

You literally tighten this.

This bolt up on the bottom, and this give them finger tight for right now.

And then they give you this allen wrench.

And what I use to do is take the long side and tighten it up until it's, you know, basically just finger tight, just the words barely starting tighten out, and then take the short side and tighten them up.

And you don't want to get them too tight.

Because what happens is these little bolts are just basically screwed in place.

If you try to tighten them up too tight, it'll, pull them right through the wood.

So you can easily strip it out.

And once you pull that thing out of the wood it's written, you can't, you can't do anything with it.

So it's, literally just going to tighten up to there they're, just starting to get tight and that's it.

So that's, a see the other C is going to go on the opposite corner.

And then the d-link we're gonna go on the next corner.

So that's a C.

So the next one is going to be a D and I'm gonna do basically the exact same Mac, stick it to help you in the end, put this in there tighten this up so I'm going to get all four of these again, C D, C and D and I'll be back when I get all the legs up.

Okay for the next part, get bag number four, there should be eight more screws left.

So just go ahead and get them out so they're, ready.

And what we're going to do.

This is going to be a challenge, make sure the holes that are just going to screw on the sides on the legs, make sure they're all they're pointing in inside like pointing this way.

Instead in this side, it's gonna be on this side, just so that's, how they've got it labeled, but I'm gonna do it.

So what we're gonna do it's a little a one here? Did you say what number paste that was this? One is an e.

These are these are the ease that we had earlier from from the drawers and we're gonna I don't think the first ones, yeah, I think I can work without that one right now.

So I'm gonna basically screw this in to that side, some of yous, those like right next to the edge on those luckily there's already pre-drilled holes.

They always put it through and then line the tip up with the hole that's drilled into the wood.

And before I tighten it up.

So just do a couple turns just enough to get it kind of started, but then I'm gonna stop right here, because if I tighten it up all the way I won't be able to pull that out to see it so I'll rotate it around.

This is gonna be the challenge barb I'm gonna have to get that's.

Nice, drawers, I, don't, I, don't think they have to be that went to that.

Felling they're, flat sides, the end, this one's gonna go.

Anyway, just gonna slide it back format for Mina.

This case, there's got to slide it back and forth until the whole.

And the screw goes in pretty easily with that.

You haven't really pushed you're good.

If you have to really shouldn't, you should have to push it hard at all to tighten.

It out it's gonna take me a little while and they'll be back for the next step.

So that's, actually the table done.

Those are paying the button that's.

The worst part putting the whole thing together was those screws earth there just because there's, no room to really maneuver and get in there.

And these don't go back for enough to really let you reach them.

So that was a challenge.

So the tables really right, of course, my little corporal things, yeah.

So here's, the drawers they're, not the smoothest spotting things in the world and I think they'll don't work in two.

They've got little pins to keep them from falling for putting out and then the tabletop Britany.

And then if you want flip it, you describe right here.

Imagine this will probably the way it is not even time.

Anyway, yeah.

Well, that's.

What we have.

Yeah, yeah.



The reason we got it I, don't, applaud them out much easier.

They both work really good.

So, no, no stop and see how nice that looks I love, the color and that'll, go really well in whatever room they change that and what's neat is once you done playing with your Legos.

You could pick that thing up and just write them into the bags.

Underneath all right.

Underneath the square is just the baskets I don't want to dump them right in there, there's a little gap between them, but right that big, you probably use a few, but you can just dump them here.

So now you have to put the chairs together.

There's only two chairs.

Two chairs, you get there's.

Two parts, there's, basically, I think this one's ones.

Okay, yeah, there's.

These arcades, and these are Jays.

And then you have to see Star Wars, which are oohs.

And then you've got these.

Nm and ELLs that are gonna go on there.

So it looks like you.

Do you do the things twice? So you take your K's that was gonna land.

Well, you set it up right? But this one's, not very good.

I know, you need the seven and eight there in one bag together you need those.

So if you want to know a light book, number Africa is the first page so it's M in an L.

So M goes to the top, and you put okay, that's.


These little bolts come out just like that.

And this this little piece right here goes in that backing, right there, drop it in the hole.

And then you put that part towards the back, and if they don't line up my deadline up, but if they don't let's go a little flat hit area in there, you can kind of turn it to get it to line up Riggins, you're, turning them on there to try it out and just get your home don't over overtime.

If you want your the chairs to be a little bit tighter than that didn't thing.

But the good thing is, this is what screwed into this little metal slug right here.

So you're, pulling it this way through that metal piece, you're not going to strip out a screw that's inside there.

So that's good.

So you do.

Yeah, they do yeah, even it's.

The same way you're going to take one of these bolts that's, the whole thing.

This one just sits in there, it doesn't have a ball.

It just sits there just sits in there, and then you've got hell, but you want your the unfinished side up make sense that this middle one doesn't have a hole because you're coming in a bowl because there's no hole the other out the same thing with the other K and then I'll be back when I'm ready to put them.

The other side off I got the two K's together.

And now we've got the L part.

So the elderly just kind of basically do the same thing just on the other side.

And then I've got my little bolts of parts finish tightening this one up and then I'm going to do the same thing for the other side.


So the next step is to take the seats, which is part to pull the stickers off.

Yes, just like that get to dowel rods or two down pins stick those in front, just let that sit on them, just like a school chair.

And then you've got screws number six, you've got eight of them and they're gonna go through the bottom.

There's four holes, it's gonna get these all tied up.

And this will actually be the last step it.

All just hug me back and show you the final of what finally looks like well, here it is complete, and it wasn't too bad.

It didn't take that long, and it really wasn't that hard just a Philips screwdriver.

And the allen wrench did they give you and your you're good to go.

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