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This one was fun, and it's currently for sale!!! For only $14,500 this could be yours. Message us if interested, and if you want a build just like this one send us a request on our website below!

This full build out consists of a queen size flip down murphy bed, sink, faucet set up, 12v fridge, diesel heater and fan with a ring light! A bit of everything pretty much :)

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Good evening guys, Blackhawk here with Carefree camper company, and we got kind of a cool one-off tour for you.

So something that you might not know yet about Carefree camper is we are kind of getting into trailers, uh, Custom, RV trailers medical facilities.

Concession trailers things like that.

We already are set up for mobile build outs and vans and RVs with that we're rolling it over into the trailer world.

So this one is really cool.

This guy brought us a trailer.

We fixed it up for him and it's actually for sale.

So if you're interested in this trailer, please reach out in the description down below.

So he came to us wanting a custom toy hauler type trailer with that.

He wanted a queen size bed, water system, heater, fridge, you know, nice and compact.

So he can still fit his two motorcycles in there.

And we only had a 6 by 12 space to do.

So but come check it out.

The outside itself is just a simple cargo.

Trailer aluminum skin single axle.

Black gotta have in Black right? But the inside is where the cool stuff takes place foreign.

So what we got going on first thing on the driver's side of the trailer is we got this awesome, queen-size bed.

So it's, actually a Murphy style.

He wanted it nice and low.

So when he was getting into it him and his wife, wasn't having any problems, but got a queen size, memory, foam, mattress, nice and soft with that.

The thing just goes right up out of the way we got storage on top got to make sure you're using all the storage you can we also have a cabinet over here, special for him.

He wanted something where he could put some tools and stuff for the motorcycles relocated.

The spare tire from outside to inside, just because he's dealing with a lot of the Arizona Sun.

He didn't want that thing to dry rot down on the floor itself.

So starting with the floor.

We actually epoxy coated it and put the flake in there that way it's easy.

You can just wash all the garden holes he's, not going to rot the wood floor at the level of protection.

And it looks pretty cool.

Come on.

We also got some speed track or quick rail, e-track it's got a bunch of different names, but it's got quick connectors that way when he ties down his motorcycles.

He just hooks on the ratchet straps and he's good to go.

He also has a lot of shoes him and his girlfriend go out riding.

So we did lots of shoe storage.

Quick, simple, kept it open.

So that if they're wet, they could air out.

We also got some coat storage up there up front, though this is kind of where everything's taken place.

So he wanted everything compact up into the nose of the trailer.

So that we weren't taking up any valuable motorcycle space up top here.

We got our sink and stove combo.

So this is actually a Dometic product that we put in here with the limited space.

We wanted to go something that was kind of combined together as well as it's super easy to clean this all in one over here.

We got the 12 volt refrigerator running off the 200 watts of solar up there then he's got a solar generator in here, kept it nice and simple.

But it also has a short power plug down below you're going to have your seven gallon fresh tank as well as you have your two and a half gallon diesel tank.

So in here, we still stuck an 8K diesel heater.

The thing is going to heat the trailer up in about five minutes, then it's going to be really nice and toasty warm.

We also got a 20 pound propane tank over here, that's going to be hooked up to the stove that way you can cook and don't have to worry about that on the exterior of the trailer you got 200 watts of solar.

We also have the max air fan it's, not a max air fan it's, a fan, it's actually got a light ring in there.

We decided to do that just because we needed some extra lighting going on in the trailer and then there's, actually an exterior shower.

So that's going to hold an additional eight gallons of water to spray off your motorcycles your shelf.

If you want all that good stuff.

But this thing was super simple, the complete conversion cost for something like this guys.

We get asked about lot so I just wanted to give you a little bit of insight with all the appliances, everything like that was only seven thousand five hundred dollars.

This thing came to us as a bare cargo.

Trailer we converted it out made it look awesome with that.

The owner is actually going with something different.

The owners actually Adventure daily one of our great customers and friends he's, actually our ambassador with that we're teaming up to build a awesome cargo.

Trailer like this for him.

So this one's, actually for sale.

If you guys are interested, please reach out in the description below also we are a enclosed trailer dealership.

Now we can get you some enclosed trailers at amazing prices, and we can build them out to match something similar to this or a concession trailer or anything that you need.

So make sure you feel free to reach out guys, but also make sure you hit that subscribe button.

And like this video, we get some really cool stuff coming up some one-off projects.

And some really big trucks, just wait it's only going to get cooler from here catch on the next one.

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