This Abandoned Storage Unit Didn't Disappoint! (2023)


I couldn't believe how much profit was inside this $240 abandoned storage unit. We open so many boxes with profitable items.

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So we're back in the storage unit, I think there's, not too many surprises in here, because of the volume of stock that we buy I have to make bulk lots to resell it in order to keep moving it.

240 bucks.

And why did I buy it? You just asked, yeah, why did you buy this? One I bought it? Okay, I bought it, because you know how much those tubs worth gotta be like five by saying, try so it's 5, 10, 35 bucks worth of tubs there's, a bike that I can get probably 80 bucks for so there's 120.

So half my unit's paid for already and it's.

The mystery for 120 dollars look at the excitement that we can get out of this.

What better phone can you have for 120 let's find out you wanna open a box.

Everyone can open a box.

I, wanna open the first one.

Okay, walking here.

This is on the top what's in that bronze member it's the box of mission.

Maybe it's a gold chain.

No it's, a key ring.

We've got brand new magnets, seven dollars, oh ready.

All right, let's say, the no idea what that is look holding something got to get a dollar for that stickers.

This this tub has to be worth western suburbs.

This tub's gonna be worth at least 50 bucks second hand.

If you sell all these items at two dollars, each that's all the magnets and key rings, oh look does that count as my top that's for you.

The World's Greatest Dad looks like a decent unit, collectible stuff, that's twenty dollars it was before it got ripped do you know, I always say, Lee breaks on it every time first thing she does rips it Peter, Brock, that's a reproduction, but that's still, 20 bucks 510.

Yep, you got a pair of shoes Lee.

So lots of miscellaneous Collectibles steel cups, it's, a gold brick.

Look at that.

Pure gold.

We found pure gold, I'm gonna keep that Money Box I like it.

Yeah, it's hard I wonder if that card's worth anything tyh, nice, what's inside this.

One that's is that something Matt? What have we got there? We go, uh, they're all base cards.

Is there anything? Special? Nothing, no.


My turn.

Yeah, yeah.

What have we got in here baseball stuff? Oh you excited.

Yeah, I'm excited.

Ah, maybe not so excited.

Now, what do you sell secondhand balls for two each five? Each I, don't know, I, don't know if there's any value in there, but could you sell that that's? Cool rotted so I, don't think there's gonna be an Australia in there.

Most of those probably gonna be tip shop, except for the balls on your bike.



Come on.

Oh it's.

Got Just.


Yeah, that's got to be an 80 bike any day of the week all right so it's, 24 speed, Top, Gun, that's, actually, a really good condition.

Huh? Top.

Gun, very good.


You go so it's, not empty.

Yeah, look.


The other stuff.

Can you see? Superman? Steph, Curry, yes, yeah.

This one I, like it that's a good one.

Yeah and I did a good box.

Yeah, oh what's in here, there's more stuff on the bottom, too what's that framed uh, just Sydney stuff.

Oh, well, a whole lot of nothing, but that's all right, it's, cool so we're in the money yet.

What did that come up at you got the comp for that? Yeah, brand new song for 45, 45, um listed.

So probably 20., yeah, that's, right.

Still money.

All right, you're up.

Mate, pick a box.

How many is left five six.

This is a good unit.

These are reproduction.

10 signs, you still get 20 bucks for those.

Yeah, yeah.

There are a bunch of them.

Cool, yeah.

What CDs? What were they listening to love? Australia? Yeah, Michael Jackson 's.

Yeah, no.


What have we got? Oh movies and DVDs.

So this is the big box full of DVDs.

Yeah, um, you know, you can't even get a dollar a DVD all the tip shops up here in recycle centers are selling these for I think they're like five for two dollars.

Oh, yeah.

So to try and sell these not too hard, um for this whole box to try and sell.

It might get 20, 30 bucks, I, don't know on camera.

We care about stuff to ourselves, um, they hang.

This is a price on that.

What was it brand new to make pause? Oh yeah, 15.

So we might get two dollars each, yeah, well, we can't do anything with those they're personal.

So we just leave those here for the unit, and these will be personal.



Cool Mike is that Michael Jackson.

Yeah, it is but it's.

A cheap one.

This one's, not heavy should I go the heavier one.

Yeah, the best one look at this broadcast cars.

Sorry, that's gonna be 30 bucks.

This one here is another 20.

that one there is another 15.

And that one there is 15.

We got an early Holden annual that's, actually in good Nick.

Something like that what year is that that could be 50 bucks.

We have to look that up.

Um, we have empty bags.

We can put all these trophies in our bag and leave them here.

And then we've got more merch.

So Titans hats, DVDs coasters cups.

Another diecast car, there's.

Another, 30 bucks.

We've got some more in here to box.

Each I, think these are those, um I actually bought some of these at a garage sale on Saturday.

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Every time he says it, but Lee guess, um.

Don't need to hit that notification stuff today.

We'll work.

Each videos, I don't get to tell them to subscribe and don't forget to share with your mates I used to collect the echo holders back in the day.

Oh there's.

Another is that, um tomorrow.

Yeah, Jurassic Park that's exactly down there, but there's some more stuff down there, it's good a lot of die-cast cars.

What was I telling you before about how many diecast cars, I've been selling and I'm trying to get rid of them all, but yeah, I keep finding them gotta be excited.

You've got to be really really excited it's.

All at the bottom it's got to be keep digging look there's.

More cards, yeah, it's a folder, it's full of cards, it's full of money, it's full of gold.

Remember that folder that we went through in that last storage unit where there was all the um old currency notes in the back, and we didn't even go through it.

Yeah, always look everywhere.

Don't, leave anything unturned.

Okay, we want a special one.

So we don't want the base cards actually, that's a special page.


So there are some of those so say, 17 or 32., oh, look, there's, a gold card who's that Chelsea.

Yeah, I, don't know, anyone that's in rugby see times like No, One's, Gonna, buy that you wouldn't, even get five dollars.

I'll make a big sporting memorabilia a lot and um we'll see if we can get some bidders on it.

But that other die-cast car is another 20 in there Jurassic Park.

My will get 10.

it's all little little bits of profit, because of the volume of stock that we buy I have to make bulk lots to resell it in order to keep moving it at the rate that we're buying it.

So the die-cast cars I might put five together and sell it as a lot for 100 make it worth your time.

Just a whole lot of trinkets, really, you know why you pay storage to put all this in here, I don't know if I'm users, but amuses me, you got your cape.

Oh yeah.


Did you pay 240 for this unit? What are your thoughts? Comment below.


Who found 7.5 million dollars in a storage locker? ›

A MAN bought a locked storage unit for $500 from Storage Wars star Dan Dotson and later discovered it contained $7.5million. The contents of the numerous lockers auctioned on Storage Wars vary greatly, with a number of interesting finds.

Why would someone abandon a storage unit? ›

According to the Xtra Storage company, there are six reasons why people abandon their storage units: financial hardships, divorce, extended hospitalization, untimely death, imprisonment, or the renters simply forget about them, often when they relocate to some other community.

What was the most money found on Storage Wars? ›

The most valuable find on Storage Wars was a cache of cash: $7.5 million dollars hidden inside a locked safe. The winning buyer of the locker found the safe inside after the auction and took it to a locksmith.

What is Jarrod Schulz doing? ›

He becomes the new owner of the Rush Bar and Grill in Lake Forest, California.

Why did Dave sue Storage Wars? ›

Dave was fired from Storage Wars season 4 due to a lawsuit he filed against the show. Between seasons 3 and 4, David sued the show, on the grounds that the entire series was allegedlly scripted.

Does abandoning a storage unit hurt your credit? ›

Self-storage facilities can report their tenants' monthly payment status to credit agencies, just as credit card and loan companies do. When a tenant fails to pay their monthly rent, the nonpayment status will impact their credit standing.

Do people hide money in storage units? ›

Money. Many self-storage companies don't permit you to keep money in your storage unit. It's enough to crush the spirit of Walter White, meth kingpin from Breaking Bad. TV criminals love hiding cash in storage units, but it's not a realistic option for the rest of us.

What happens when you stop paying for storage? ›

Abandoned storage units are more common than you think and can result in your stuff being confiscated. A storage facility has the ability to declare the unit abandoned after many payments are missed. The number of missed payments will vary by storage facility.

Is Barry on Storage Wars still alive? ›

Barry Weiss is a business magnate who has accumulated a substantial fortune for himself. He is best known for his appearance on the television reality show 'Storage Wars. ' He is a ravenous collector of antiques and jewels. At the age of 58, he is still active and making waves.

What happened to Brandi and Jarrod on Storage Wars? ›

Brandi and Jarrod left Storage Wars to pursue other opportunities. Things didn't pan out, as the two wound up with only a single spin-off season. However, the fact that they were offered a series of their own, which they produced for one season, is still a feat.

Did Darrell from Storage Wars find 7.5 million dollars? ›

Storage Wars' Dan Dotson made a multi-million-dollar find

In the safe was no small find: the man pulled out a total of $7.5 million in cold.

What happened to Jarrod from storage? ›

According to its website, Schulz purchased Rush Bar & Grill in Lake Forest, California, in April 2019. “Jarrod has owned numerous businesses and decided his next adventure would be to take on this new opportunity and adventure with the goal of running a great time neighborhood bar,” the site reads.

Does Jarrod still have a store? ›

Brandi and Jarrod's thrift stores are no more.

Who made the most money on a locker on Storage Wars? ›

While there's a lot of fakery that allegedly goes on in Storage Wars with producers planting items in lockers so the series' "stars" get their hands on the most impressive loot, Darrell Sheets' score is totally legit and the largest one ever recorded on the show.

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