How To Get Max Ship and Multitool Inventory! No Man's Sky 4.0 Waypoint Update (2023)


How To Get Max Ship and Multitool Inventory! No Man's Sky 4.0 Waypoint Update

This is how to get max inventory for your ships and mutlitools in No Man's Sky 4.0 With the new 4.0 waypoint update we can now upgrade our ships to have 60 tech inventory slots and 120 cargo slots. That is so awesome! We can also have 60 slots in our multitools. These are to top 3 ways I have found to max them out, and 1 of them is almost instant!

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So it is an S-Class right here negotiate the price again.

This is going to cost you eight million welcome back to No Man's, Sky.

Everyone Jason here with a video on how to upgrade your Starship and your multi-tool to the maximum get all the space you need for all of your upgrades.

Remember, you can only have up to three upgrades, I know, that's gonna hurt a lot of people, but I do it with love anyway.

We are gonna do our ship first.

So the way you want to do you the easiest way if you have a lot of money and believe me, you're gonna need a ton of money is to just come over here.

It'll be different I'm on a pirate station.

If you're on a normal space station, it'll look the same, but it'll be in a different location, but you're going to the Starship Outfitter right here you want to upgrade your Starship.

And if you have augmentations, you can use those I don't have any so it's going to cost me, 75 million dollars to upgrade it and that's, not even the most expensive.

One it'll go even higher because right now, I'm, not fully maxed out this price will keep going higher and higher so I'm at 75 million.

Let me show you you buy one and it's a 75 mil.

Oh, come on come on.

Oh, I.

Guess, no.

It stops at 75.

Oh, they updated it.

Well, thank god.

Well, you still need 75 million per each one, which is going to add up to a lot, because you can get 60 technology and 120 down in cargo doing the math on that you're going to need billions and billions of dollars to do this.

Or now there is a secondary option.

You can do if you want to buy and scrap a ship they have the chance to give you a store or an augmentation.

So I, don't have any right now, but I'm gonna wait for a good ship to come in.

Now, remember, if you buy a C-Class, you have a very very very small chance of getting a storage augmentation.

If you get an A B Class is a little bit higher, a Class A little bit higher and S-Class is the best chance you can get a storage augmentation.

The other thing that goes into that is the amount of uh storage in that ship.

So the more storage it already has the more likely you will get a storage augmentation from it.

So let's, see if I can get a good ship, oh, okay.

This one's already looking prime time for me, let's, see what this one is.

So you can check a ship without even talking to the pilot, you can check on it by scanning it with your visor.

So right here, this is an s class as you can see from the left hand side.

This is an S-Class.

It has 25 normal slots and 14 technology.

Slots I am kind of freaking out right now because I was not planning on having an S-Class just come in and land, holy crap.



Cool be cool.

We're gonna I just want your ship man.

I, just want it.

Okay, so it is an S-Class right here.

Negotiate the price again.

This is going to cost you eight million it's gonna cost you I, don't know, yeah, yeah, eight million.

It costs.

8 million for this Starship, depending on the cost of the ship it's gonna be more or less expensive.

But keep in mind.

A storage augmentation is one inventory slot and right now we're spending 75 million so is it better to spend 75 million for one slot or spend 8 million and get one for free? I would say the 8 million is worth it.

So let's do that eight million.

So we have this ship.

It is ours.

So we're gonna come back over to the Starship Outfitter right here and we're gonna scrap this thing let's, scrap it we're gonna get six million back.

So you lose a little bit of money, but in its place, you have the possibility of getting a storage augmentation so let's, do it claim it and good to go? Oh man, hopefully we got a storage augmentation out of that.

And we did look at that right here.

This is what a storage augmentation looks like.

We got one.

We got a free storage augmentation out of that ship.

So instead of spending, 75 million I just saved myself a ton of money by doing that.

So I need to get back into my in the ship I want to upgrade Razor's Edge right here.

This is the one.

And now we need to because you have to make sure you're in the ship that you want to upgrade you'll, see it in that display see how it looks like the cool ship that I want to upgrade.

And now we go back to the upgrade Starship, and because I have a storage augmentation now I can apply it right? There, boom, that is now highlighted, but I could also try to spend 75 million I don't have that much money anymore because I'm a broke a broke person.

So let's apply an augmentation.

And it works the same way as your money, except for it's like a free it's like a gift card.

You get a free, you know, slot.

So we can go up here, and we can add one to our Tech.

We can add one to our general, or our cargo, not General anymore, it's called cargo.

Now, okay.

But if you want to switch between each one hit left and right on your d-pad, so if I hit right on my d-pad it'll, go up, there, boom, it's, right here and make sure it's highlighted.

If you want to go to your cargo hit it again, right, boom, there you go.

So you can choose, whichever one you want to upgrade there.

You go I'm gonna do my tech excuse me, and that is how you could do it for a little bit cheaper.

Now it depends on this the ship some of them are going to be more expensive than other others.

But as long as you're less than 75 million you're making money.

So it's, easy, peasy, you're, good to go.

Now, there is one last way to upgrade your ship.

Now this is introduced in the 4.0 update.

Let me show you the difficulty settings.

So you can change all your difficulties like right now.

I'm on the average, normal I'm, I, didn't change.

Anything it's been on normal the entire time.

But if you come down here and you go to purchases free there, you go apply your changes.

Now everything I buy is not going to cost me any money at all.

So I can come in here and say, you know, what I'm I don't want to buy I don't want to waste the time effort and energy buying it.

So we're gonna upgrade.

And then look at that purchase storage, it says, 24 million now that's kind of weird, right and it's because that's exactly how much money I have, but don't worry it's, not that you're not going to use the amount of money you have watch this purchase.

Nothing it didn't.

Take any money away purchase purchase purchase.

You could do this all day.

So if you do not want to spend any money, there is no cheat, there's, no refiner, glitch, there's.


You have to do other than hitting this and hitting the difficulty Spike there you go right in here.

You can buy all of your upgrade slots, right there.

Look at that.

And this is so it's built in Save Editor, I know, a lot of people don't want to do it.

This way that is the other Beauty part about this guys.

This is part of the game.

Now, so you can make it as easy or as difficult as you want, if you want a pure experience, you want them, you know, you want to have the true.

No man's, Sky experience.

Don't do your sliders don't turn this on if you don't care like if you just want to have your slots, and you don't want to worry about, oh I have to save money.

Oh I gotta do this.

Oh I gotta do that.

Okay, then you can just turn it off, buy everything you want and then let's go back into our difficulty settings.

You can turn it right back to normal boom, standard now, we're back at normal presets we're at the normal difficulty again, apply your changes.

And now it's gonna cost me money.

Now I'm gonna have to spend money on it.

Watch this boom, upgrade Starship, 75 million again and I.

Can't purchase it because I don't have enough money.

There you go.

You can turn it on and off at will that way you can just do it on your own you're, good to go.

And that works for your multi-tool as well.

So if you want to upgrade your multi-tool again, your multi-tool has upgraded slots.

You can upgrade whatever you want.

You can add at a lot a ton of slots to your multi-tool.

The one thing you can do is if you go over to the multi-tool kiosk, oh God, there's.

Not one here, that's.

Okay, though you can go to the multi-tool kiosk, just like the Starship Outfitter.

And you can upgrade there, it's going to cost you some money we'll do that last, or you can get augmentations now it's a little bit different.

You get augmentations from random events like you can find them out in the wild.

Or if you go to a pirate station, if you do a mission like I, do this mission right here I will get a multi-tool expansion slot there.

You go there's, no way to destroy or scrap an old multi-tool yet.

So you have to get these by doing missions by going out in the wild sometimes you'll find them at random like on Freighters.

If you do a freighter attack, you might get one there's, a multiple different ways to get a multi-tool expansion slot.

You don't have to use money, or if you're at a normal space station, you will be able to find the multi-tool Outfitter.

So let's go do that right now.

So once you've landed or you've gone to a normal space station right here head over to this side of it there's going to be a multi-tool kiosk right here where you can upgrade your multi-tools again, just like the uh Starship, upgrader, the Outfitter it's going to cost you money.

You can use a multi-tool expansion slot to upgrade your multi-tool or look at that.

300 million to upgrade.

My multi-tool, very expensive, you're gonna need billions in order to upgrade your multi-tool, I mean, look at this thing, it's gonna have a ton of slots and it's gonna cost me, 300 million to fill up it's gonna be crazy, billions of dollars.

So I would suggest if you want to do it legit do missions and get your multi-tool expansion slots get those multi-tool additions right here.

So again, they are called the multi-tool expansion slot it's.

The top selection you get those from doing missions, All, That Jazz.

But again, if you're not you're like dude, I'm just I'm, not into it I don't want to spend a million hours trying to make money and do all that stuff go to your Save Editor turn off or make purchases for free.

You only have to change this one setting, right there, apply it.

And now I can go right back over here.

And now it's gonna cost me.

Look at this multi-tool expansion slots open purchase, new slot, 99 million doesn't matter, pick, whichever one you want and it's totally free.

You can just upgrade all of it and not even worry about it, boom, boom, boom, boom, Oh.

My God.

It keeps going.

Oh, my God.

How many slots do we get now there is a glitch right now, where it's giving you a ton of multi-tool area slots.

So this is probably more than we'll ever get actually they're gonna they're gonna patch the game I know that for here Starship there's, 60 in your technology and 120 in your cargo, same thing for your mole, your exosuit 60 in your technology, 120 down here in your cargo for your multi-tool.

You can get a ton, I have a feeling.

This is too many they're gonna patch it and they're gonna remove some of this.

So don't, go too crazy.

But there you go, you can max out your multi-tool.

And then again, just go back into your settings, turn your purchases back to standard and apply your settings.

And now you're back on normal difficulty, don't have to worry about it you're done.

You got it finished now you can just worry about upgrading and maximizing your multi-tool and your Starship.

So hopefully you guys like the video, if you did hit that like button for me and I will see you guys next time.


What is the max inventory slots in waypoint NMS? ›

The Waypoint patch notes only state that storage and tech max slots have been increased to 120/60.

How do you get max inventory slots in NMS? ›

The base Exosuit has 24 Cargo Inventory Slots and 10 Technology Inventory Slots available. Additional slots can be unlocked by interacting with suit upgrade terminals in Drop Pods and Space Stations.

How do I get more inventory space for multi-tool NMS? ›

Multi-Tool Expansion Slot- The better option to acquiring extra slots is also completely free. All players have to do is track down an item called "Multi-Tool Expansion Slot" on their travels and then return to a vendor. The vendor will then add this slot to the multi-tool at zero cost.

What is the max multi-tool slots in no man's sky? ›

The minimum number of Multi-Tool inventory slots is 9 and the maximum is 60.

What is the most expensive item in NMS waypoint? ›

Platinum is the most expensive single element.

What is the max amount of ships you can have in NMS? ›

The new update for No Man's Sky has introduced many quality-of-life features, including the ability for players to now own up to 12 ships.

What is the biggest Cargo ship in no man's sky? ›

The Oculus-class is the biggest known regular freighter and likely a tribute to the ship Discovery One from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The Oculus' bow has an extra engine unit and huge space for internals in its sphere. In theory it could function like a detachable module for an independent spaceship.

Can you get a new Exosuit no man's sky? ›

Each Space Station you visit actually has an Exosuit available for upgrade - but the location isn't obivious. Head to the side of the station with the various merchants who barter with Nanites, and look for one who deals in armor blueprints and upgrades.

What is the best multi-tool for NMS? ›

Ranking All NMS Multi-tool Weapons
  • Blaze Javelin. The Blaze Javelin is the best weapon in No Man's Sky. ...
  • Paralysis Mortar. The Paralysis Mortar makes getting rid of Repair and Summoner Sentinel Drones so much easier. ...
  • Pulse Spitter. ...
  • Mining Beam.
Apr 11, 2023

Where is the multitool upgrade rack? ›

Multi-Tool Upgrade Station is a computer terminal found in inhabited space stations. It is a feature that allows upgrades to the player Multi-tools beyond what can be achieved through the inventory menu. It is located immediately adjacent to the Multi-tool Technology Merchant in inhabited systems.

What is the rarest creature in nms? ›

Rangifae are considered one of the rarest land fauna in the game, with only a 0.25% chance to be found on a planet.

What is the rarest item in NMS? ›

Gold GUPPY with Cowled Rear Thruster: The rarest thing in No Man's Sky is the Gold GUPPY ship with Cowled Rear Thruster. It completes the set of three exotic.

What is the rarest planet in NMS? ›

Yet another planet type found within the Exotic category, Pillared planets are considered the rarest planets in the game. As the name suggests, the surface of these planets are, indeed, filled with pillars. These pillars can be further mined and scanned.

Is there a 3000 limit in NMS? ›

Unfortunately HG has the upload limit for bases capped at 3,000 assets. You can continue to build well past that, but you'll only be able to upload the initial 3k assets to the multiplayer base sharing server. Other players can still see your entire base however, if you're both online and in the same instance.

Can you have 2 freighters in NMS? ›

You can only own one freighter. Thanks that what i figured but i thing it would have been cool to have an entire fleet. That's the exact reason I came here, I was trying to see if I could have a Fleet of Freighters, but apparently "No." Too bad, I'd have loved to have a "Task Force" of Freighters.

What is the max frigate owning in no man's sky? ›

A player can own up to 30 frigates once they command a freighter. Frigates can then be sent on expeditions to other star systems.

What is the biggest planet in NMS? ›

Brogan - No Man's Sky Wiki.

What is the best thing to farm in no man's sky? ›

​​​​​​Chlorine Farm

Farming chlorine is one of the easiest ways to make money during the early part of a No Man's Sky playthrough. The materials required for this method are easy to acquire and plentiful throughout space. You'll need chlorine, oxygen, and refiners.

What ship has the most cargo space? ›

In August 2021, the record for most containers loaded onto a single ship is held by the Ever Ace, which carried a total of 21,710 TEU of containers from Yantian to Europe.

What is the largest freighter? ›

Ship #1 MSC Irina

This is currently the largest container ship in the world, with a capacity of 24,346 TEU. Her maiden voyage was in April 2023 from Guangzhou Port in China.

What is the largest freighter in Eve? ›

Caldari freighters are the largest, closely followed by Gallente, then Amarr and lastly Minmatar, which is partially compensated for by lower fuel use.

How do I increase my ship inventory slot? ›

The best way to unlock more Starship inventory in No Man's Sky is by purchasing and dismantling cheaper high-class ships. The Shuttle and Explorer classes of ships tend to be the more affordable high-rank ships, with their A-Rank ships sometimes costing just over 1.2 million units at most.

Can you upgrade a ship to S class? ›

Upgrade costs

Players may upgrade inventory or technology slots for a ship, up to the maximum inventory size: The maximum capacity of a Ship's General inventory is based on the Ship's current Class - 25 for C class; 35 for B class; 40 for A class; and 48 for S Class.

What is the best starship class in no man's sky? ›

Explorer-type starships are perhaps the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to No Man's Sky. It excels in everything that players would want in their travels across space, all the while granting the option to max out its storage.

Can you fly to another galaxy in no man's sky? ›

The next permanent option is to travel via hyperdrive and black holes to the centre. The last permanent option is to use the warp portal on the space anomaly to warp into another player's last edited base in a new galaxy.

Can you sell ships on no man's sky? ›

There technically is no way to sell ships in No Man's Sky. At least not directly. You need to instead convert them into trade materials which you can then sell at any Galactic Trade Terminal. You can do it at just about any normal space station, too.

Is there guns in no man's sky? ›

Multitool Types

Multitools come in four types, Pistol, Rifle, Experimental and Alien. Pistols have a bonus to mining and can have up to 16 slots. Rifles have a bonus to damage. They can gave up to 24 slots.

How do you get an S-class multitool? ›

If you are looking for the S-class multitool, your best bet at finding them would be on “rich” planets. To be able to detect these planets, you will have to get at least an Economic Scanner. The blueprint for this item can be bought at a very cheap price from the Starship Merchant, who can be found at the Anomaly.

What is the most slots a multitool can have? ›

The multi-tool can be upgraded with blueprints found in many buildings to a maximum of 24 slots. There are multiple ways to upgrade the Multi-Tool including: Talk to NPC merchants and traders. One may have an upgrade or component.

How many slots does an S class freighter have? ›

Max inventory slots are based on the ship class up to 120 cargo and 60 techslots at S-Class. To increase inventory slots, Cargo Bulkheads are needed which can be received or found from different sources such as selecting a reward from saving freighters from a pirate attack or as a reward from a Derelict Freighter.

How many slots is good for a freighter? ›

Freighters have a maximum storage capacity of 48 slots and the first freighters encountered have 13 slots. Once a freighter is purchased, the freighters the player encounters from then on will have 2 additional storage slots and cost about 2.5 million credits more than the last until the cap is reached.

Where to get exosuit Expansion Unit? ›

Locate an Exosuit Upgrade Console near the Technology Merchant that sells Exosuit Upgrades on the left-hand side of any Space Station.

What is the largest storage ship in NMS? ›

The maximum number of high-capacity cargo slots a Starship can have is 21.
  • S-Class: 48.
  • A-Class: 40.
  • B-Class: 35.
  • C-Class: 25.
Jul 29, 2022

What is the max inventory in S-class freighter? ›

Max inventory slots are based on the ship class up to 120 cargo and 60 techslots at S-Class. To increase inventory slots, Cargo Bulkheads are needed which can be received or found from different sources such as selecting a reward from saving freighters from a pirate attack or as a reward from a Derelict Freighter.

How many cargo slots are there in no man's sky? ›

Cargo Inventory

New players begin the game with 24 Cargo slots which can be increased to a total of 120. Cargo inventory slots hold: 9,999 units of resources in Normal mode, or 500 in Survival and Permadeath modes.

What is the largest creature in NMS? ›

S. Rhinobosea
Weight340.7-344.1 kg
Height7.9-8.0 m
NotesNine additional senses
18 more rows
Jun 11, 2022

What is the best starship for storage in no man's sky? ›

Hauler is what players would call a 'tank' class, due to its enormous size in both appearance and inventory. This starship type can hold up to 48 base storage spaces, the most out of any available ship in the game right now. However, any ship can eventually be upgraded to 48 slots in storage alongside 21 in tech.

How do I increase my starship inventory? ›

The best way to unlock more Starship inventory in No Man's Sky is by purchasing and dismantling cheaper high-class ships. The Shuttle and Explorer classes of ships tend to be the more affordable high-rank ships, with their A-Rank ships sometimes costing just over 1.2 million units at most.

Can you have 2 freighters in no man's sky? ›

You can only own one freighter.

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