Carrier Connectivity | C.H. Robinson (2024)

Carrier Connectivity | C.H. Robinson (27)

Find, offer, book, build, and manage the loads you want—directly in your transportation management system (TMS), at no additional cost.

Get started with API

Carrier Connectivity | C.H. Robinson (28)

Unlock opportunities within your TMS

Spend less time finding freight and more time making money. Enjoy a hassle-free digital experience—no calls or email required.

Use free application programming interface (API) connectivity to find, offer, book, and auto-create C.H. Robinson loads directly in your own TMS. You can also send customized visibility updates, upload documents, and check payment status.

Connect with API

Carrier Connectivity | C.H. Robinson (29)

Make offers and book

Get the loads you want with direct access to more freight than any other provider in North America.

Carrier Connectivity | C.H. Robinson (30)

Build efficiently

Create a hassle-free experience with API connectivity to bring loads directly to your TMS—no phone call or email required.

Carrier Connectivity | C.H. Robinson (31)

Control data flow

Supply shipment visibility updates when and how you want through your customizable API connection.

Carrier Connectivity | C.H. Robinson (32)

Speed up payments

Upload required load documents within the convenience of your existing TMS for faster invoicing.

Yes, we can connect with the system you already use

Combine the world’s most connected logistics platform with these third party TMS solutions for fast, easy booking that can save your business time and money.

Carrier Connectivity | C.H. Robinson (33)

Carrier Connectivity | C.H. Robinson (34)

Carrier Connectivity | C.H. Robinson (35)

Carrier Connectivity | C.H. Robinson (36)

Carrier Connectivity | C.H. Robinson (37)

Carrier Connectivity | C.H. Robinson (38)

No TMS? Manage your business with Navisphere® Carrier.

Easily find and book the loads you want. Navisphere Carrier supports you wherever you are—on the road or in the office. With personalized load recommendations and the ability to book freight instantly or make an offer, you can save time and boost profits.

  • Assign drivers
  • See recommended loads
  • Upload and track files on-the-go
  • Make offers and instantly book online
  • Make status updates using build-in automation

Carrier Connectivity | C.H. Robinson (39)

What people are saying


"Having API integration with C.H. Robinson has streamlined our booking operations and saved us countless hours. Being able to find and book C.H. Robinson loads in our system is a huge win."

Andrew Katz, GM Operations at CloudTrucks

“We’re excited to be connected with C.H. Robinson thanks to API connectivity. With this connection, our carriers can interact with C.H. Robinson in a fully digital and standardized way; seamlessly sharing capacity, booking loads, executing them, and managing their back-office, all within our platform.”

Guillermo Garcia

CEO, SmartHop

Explore your connectivity options

Find out more about API connectivity, platform integrations, and more. Our carrier services team is standing by, ready to help.

Get connected

Carrier Connectivity | C.H. Robinson (2024)
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